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Eco Green Designs

Introduction  ◊  Building Design  ◊  Site Management  ◊  Water Management  ◊  Building Materials  ◊  Energy  ◊  Vegetation  ◊  10 Reasons to use us

What makes a residence Green (ecologically sustainable and senstive)

10 Reasons to use us

For new buildings or renovation and/or extending an existing building.

We can designs quality custom solution to your requirements. We realize that you have a choice of designers available and we are happy that you found your self here, allowing us the opportunity to convince you why you should use our services for your design solutions.

  1. We listen to you. It is your house and your home. We listen to you when it comes to how you want your home to look and how you want it to perform. We aim to provide a solution to achieve your expectations.

  2. Our design and drafting service has been in business since 1997 which is a long time. It is a full time occupation that we love doing it.

  3. We are a small business and as such, we can offer personalised service and we are experienced in all the areas you need us to be.

  4. Roy Parker, the owner of the business has been designing houses and preparing house plans for 40 years. We have the experience in our chosen field and have a network of consultants to help us where and when we need help. Simply, we know what we are doing here.

  5. Our rates are competitive. We take pride in keeping our services at an affordable rate. Compare us with other design and drafting businesses with similar experience and you’ll see that we are great value.

  6. A satisfied client is the best advertisement we can have for our business. We have happy clients.

  7. We will give you an itemised quotation and you will always know what is and isn't included. You wii always know what to expect with our design and drafting package and what, if anything will be an extra cost. Somethmes, we need outside consultants like engineers and pass these costs directly to you. No surprises.

  8. Your one stop shop. We can provide a complete service from start to finish. We have all your design, drafting, structural and technical needs covered.

  9. We have connections. We have a network of specialist that we can call upon when we need an expert or government regulations require a certificate outside our qualifications.

  10. We are passionate about what we do and we love doing it. We choose to do this type of work for a living, it is what we are interested in and it makes us happy.
Introduction  ◊  Building Design  ◊  Site Management  ◊  Water Management  ◊  Building Materials  ◊  Energy  ◊  Vegetation  ◊  10 Reasons to use us
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