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Eco Green Designs

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What makes a residence Green (ecologically sustainable and senstive)


For new buildings or renovation and/or extending an existing building.

Ecologically Sustainable or Ecologically Sensitive Design is referred to as “Green Design”. Houses or residential units based on these design principals are known as “Green” buildings. The design takes the normal issues of cost, comfort and usability into account along with the energy and resource efficiency and environmental responsibility. New materials and technology are constantly being developed and these, along with the tried and tested materials and technology already in place, are helping create a cleaner, greener home.
The main objective is to create a house that is energy efficient, uses less resources to build and maintain, uses environmentally sustainable resources, creates a healthy living environment for the humans and animals in the home and reduce the amount of waste returned to the environment. These principals can be applied to a new building or renovating an existing building.

elevation01 The whole life-cycle of the building is taken into account, from the first soil turned on site to the ultimate demolition of the building and the recycling of the materials. In between these, we have the design of the building, construction, maintenance, renovation and extensions to the building, everything that happens during a normal life of a house.

The process starts with the design of the building, this where decisions are made that will have a long term effect on the house. The natural environment where it is going to be built has to be considered. This includes the solar aspect (where the sun rises and sets in relation to the site), prevailing winds and natural features. Any trees or plants on the site should also be considered, can they be replanted. Then the actual design of the building is processed, where the living, sleeping and utility areas are situated, how to provide shade in Summer but allow the Winter sun in for warmth and screening from cold winds. Materials, construction methods and external finishes are also decided on in the design.

Introduction  ◊  Building Design  ◊  Site Management  ◊  Water Management  ◊  Building Materials  ◊  Energy  ◊  Vegetation  ◊  10 Reasons to use us
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