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Eco Green Designs

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What makes a residence Green (ecologically sustainable and senstive)


For new buildings or renovation and/or extending an existing building.

The use of plants to provide shade and shelter from the wind and sun has become more common as a passive sourse of energy saving. Because plants (especially trees) can take a long time to grow to a size to provide this shelter, some forethought and planning is required. The benefit of this forethought and planning is long term energy saving at (almost) zero cost.

Plants Purify the Air
Plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and absorb many pollutants, they act as a filter system for the air we breathe. Surround your house with greenery and cleanse the air entering your house. They are pleasant to look at and will do a better job of filtering the air than any machine, they do it quietly and use their own self-generated energy.
Where this is not possible, indoor plants can be used. They also absorb many of the pollutants (chemical compounds that are released into the air through a process called "off-gassing") that occur in our homes that we are not aware are there.

Provide Shade in Summer (Deciduious)
Trees and vines that provide shade in Summer to the building and outdoor areas and then allow sunlight through in Winter when they lose their leaves can be used instead of man-made objects. They provide a long trem, low cost solution to this and have the added benefits mentioned above.
Unfortunately, there are very few deciduious native plants in Australia, but many of the introduced ones seem to be useful to our native fauna if you want to feel better about using them.

Grow your own - Fruit Trees - Vegetables - Herbs
The trees you choose to grow in your garden can have an added advantage if they are fruit trees. Grow your own chemical free organic food. As a kid in Brisbane, we had Mango, Loquat, Mulberry and Banana trees and and a Grape vine on a suburban block. In a colder climate, Citrus, Apples, Pears and Stone Fruit trees do well.
Vegetables are relatively easy to grow in most locations if you pick the right plant for the season. With some trial and error and organic pest control, small amounts of healthy, fresh vegetables are produced easily. Vines (tomato, passionfruit) can be trained over fences and pegolas. Gardening is good, low impact exercise.
Herbs will grow just about anywhere, in any soil or conditions.

Introduction  ◊  Building Design  ◊  Site Management  ◊  Water Management  ◊  Building Materials  ◊  Energy  ◊  Vegetation  ◊  10 Reasons to use us
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